2 Helpful Instructions in Painting Upholstery

When it comes to updating a piece of furniture, painting upholstery is a quick and cost-efficient way to make this happen. Since 2009, mixing latest paint with a textile medium and fabric spray paint are the two methods in painting upholstery. While fabric spray paint is intended for upholstery use and can be expensive when used in bigger pieces of furniture, the latex paint-textile medium mixture is less costly and can be used easily. The textile medium addition in the second method is helpful in keeping the upholstery supple after the painting. The following are specific instructions in painting upholstery using the two methods.Painting Upholstery Using Latex PaintFree the upholstery from any dirt or dust using a vacuum cleaner. If there are parts of the furniture piece that you don’t want to be painted, you can cover them with newspaper or painter’s tape. The latex paint and textile medium should be mixed together. The textile medium proportions will vary depending on the maker, thus it is necessary to read the medium’s directions.Apply the mixture with the use of a paint brush to the upholstery. Make sure that the upholstery is not being saturated. Apply just a thin and even coat. Leave the furniture to dry thoroughly. If necessary, you can apply another coat. The newspaper and painter’s tape should be removed then leave the upholstery for 24 hours to let it dry.Painting Upholster Using Fabric SprayUse a vacuum cleaner that has an upholstery attachment in thoroughly cleaning the upholstery. Remove all stains that you can find on spots that will be painted. Before you proceed, make sure that the upholstery is totally dry.For areas that must not be painted, use a painter’s tape and newspaper. A drop cloth can be used in protecting the floor and other stuffs in the room. Use the fabric spray to paint the upholstery in slow sweeping motion. The can’s nozzle should be kept around 8 inches away from the upholstery’s surface. Remove the newspaper and painter’s tape and let the upholstery dry totally before you use the furniture piece.It is necessary to remember that this project is perfect for fabrics with medium weight and smooth texture. Fabrics like velvet is likely to become stiff after you paint them. You can use a piece of cardboard and cheap spray paint to practice your spray-painting method. This is helpful in avoiding uneven paint works on your finished product.

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