Change Your Life, Change Your Environment and Change Your Focus

Our physical environment is critically important to attracting and manifesting the power of positive change that we desire in our lives. All the pieces are inextricably woven together-our thoughts, emotions, spoken words, action, and our physical environment-all of these affect each other. If we change our thoughts to manage our emotions without changing our environment, we won’t reach a higher vibration and therefore won’t attract and manifest the life we desire. It will be like struggling against the natural flow of transformation.Our thoughts feed off of our physical environment whether it is a conscious thought or not. We can support our positive desires and thoughts by creating a physical environment that makes us happy and positive. We should remove the reminders of a negative past and eliminate the uncomfortable things that we are tolerating. Let me encourage you to unlock the power of positive change in your life by taking steps, even if they’re small steps to remove irritations. You will discover a renewed sense of focus and energy. It will become easier to keep your thoughts and emotions positive and happy. Creating an atmosphere that brings comfort, solace, and happiness is very complex. As important as it is to create an atmosphere of happiness, you must also be careful of your motive. If the reason why you’re changing your environment, clothes, car or anything else is because you think it gives you more value, then you’re operating from your ego.Exploring the Inner You Through the Things Outside of YouThe physical environments you maintain for yourself are a direct reflection of the state of your inner environment-and the condition of the first says a lot about the condition of the second. Let’s take a look at the picture of yourself you provide in your physical environments.How would you describe the space you live in? What are the colors that fill the space? What emotions do those colors invoke? Use as much detail as possible.Now describe your other physical environments-your car, your work space, your locker at the gym, the town you live in, even a vegetable garden you grow-any physical space you regularly use and maintain.What are your favorite things about your physical environments? Perhaps you have a favorite space that brings you particular joy? Why are they your favorites?What do you dislike about your physical spaces? Is there something you neglect? Something about them that causes you stress? Are they fulfilling?Look closely at the statements you wrote-they are a symbolic representation of the inner you! Take some time to react to seeing the truths of you reflected in your physical environments and to sit with these reactions. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever comes. You may be confronting some truths for the first time!

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